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Cover Artwork
Scanned cover artwork taken from periodicals, novels, anthologies, and collections featuring the work of Amelia Reynolds Long

These images are "thumbnails". Double-click on them and you will be afforded a much larger and clearer view.

weirdtalesmarch1928.jpg (18928 bytes)

Weird Tales, March 1928. Cover by C. C. Senf. Featuring the story "The Twin Soul."


weirdtalesmarch1930.jpg (62710 bytes)

Weird Tales, March 1930. Cover by C. C. Senf. Featuring the story "The Thought-Monster."


amazingdetectivejuly1930.jpg (56081 bytes)

Amazing Detective Tales, July 1930. Featuring the story "The Mystery of the Phantom Shot."


weirdtalesjune1935.jpg (16790 bytes)

Weird Tales, June 1935. Cover by Margaret Brundage. Featuring the story "Flapping Wings of Death."


astoundingaugust1936.jpg (23381 bytes)

Astounding Stories, August 1936. Cover by Howard V. Brown. Featuring the story "A Leak in the Fountain of Youth."


astoundingdec1937.jpg (23040 bytes)

Astounding Stories, December 1937. Featuring the story "The Mind Master."


weirdtalesdecember1936.jpg (25535 bytes)

Weird Tales, December1936. Cover by J. Allen St. John. Featuring the story "The Album."


astoundingjuly1939.JPG (33120 bytes)

Astounding Science Fiction, July 1939. Cover by Graves Gladney. Featuring the story "When the Half Gods Go-."


strangestoriesapril1939.jpg (48607 bytes)

Strange Stories, April 1939. Featuring the story "The Box from the Stars."


strangestoriesjune1939.jpg (108076 bytes)

Strange Stories, June 1939. Featuring the story "Bride of the Antarctic" (as by Mordred Weir).


sciencefictionmarch1939.jpg (26552 bytes)

Science Fiction, March 1939. Cover by Frank R. Paul. Featuring the story "Death By Fire."


sciencefictionjune1940.jpg (25774 bytes)

Science Fiction, June 1940. Cover by Frank R. Paul. Featuring the story "Castaways in Space."


avonfantasyreader10.jpg (16362 bytes)

Avon Fantasy Reader No. 10, 1949. Featuring the story "Omega."


weirdtalesaugust1931.jpg (22246 bytes)

Weird Tales, August 1931. Cover by C. C. Senf. Featuring the story "The Undead."


fiendwithoutafacepromo.jpg (45593 bytes)

Promotional poster for Fiend Without a Face. This 1958 movie was based loosely on the story "The Thought Monster."


astoundingjune1937.jpg (129483 bytes)

Astounding Science Fiction, June 1937. Featuring the story "Reverse Phylogeny."


tripledetectivewinter1951.jpg (23199 bytes)

Triple Detective, Winter 1951. Featuring an abridged version of the novel "Death Looks Down."


stardustmay1940.jpg (24906 bytes)

Stardust, May 1940. Featuring the story "Justice in Time."


mechanicalman.jpg (22553 bytes)

The Thought Stealer and The Mechanical Man, edited by Hugo Gernsback, 1930. Featuring the story "The Mechanical Man."


theendoftheworld.jpg (19832 bytes)

The End of the World, edited by Donald Wollheim. Featuring the story "Omega."


fantasybookaug83.jpg (48681 bytes)

Fantasy Book, August 1983. Featuring the story "The Box From the Stars."


theshakespearemurders2.jpg (138014 bytes)

The Shakespeare Murders (Philadelphia Record Supplement), October 13, 1940.


counterpoint.jpg (50115 bytes)

Counterpoint, 1975. A collection of poetry by Amelia Reynolds Long. Original drawing on cover by Sheree Silverman.


shredsandpatches.jpg (55214 bytes)

Shreds and Patches, 1974. A collection of poetry by Amelia Reynolds Long.


inscription.jpg (42094 bytes)

Inscription by Amelia Reynolds Long on the inside cover of a copy of Behind the Evidence.


thelastmanmanuscript.jpg (50125 bytes)

Header page for the original manuscript of Long's story "The Last Man" (later retitled "Omega").


twinsoul.jpg (81700 bytes)

Interior artwork by Hugh Rankin which illustrated the story "The Twin Soul" in the March 1928 issue of Weird Tales.



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