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Latest News

Several horror film websites are reporting that there are plans to produce a remake of the film Fiend Without a Face (1958). The original film was based on Amelia Reynolds Long's short story "The Thought Monster" and the new version will apparently be closer to the source material. Those familiar with both the original story and Arthur Crabtree's 1958 film adaptation will be aware that the storyline in the movie varied considerably to that of Long's work. The new version is set to be produced by Richard Gordon, the executive producer of the original film. Please visit the Fangoria website for more details.

"A Leak in the Fountain of Youth," the short story by Amelia Reynolds Long, has been brought back into print in the book SCI-FI Womanthology, an anthology of short stories published by Sense of Wonder Press. This book, edited by Forrest J. Ackerman and Pamela Keesey, collects 28 science fiction stories written by various female authors. In addition to Long's story, other rare works included in this volume are "The Man From Space" by Louise Taylor Hansen, "The Three Marked Pennies" by Mary Elisabeth Counselman, and "The Last Gentleman" by Dorothea Faulkner.

Please visit the Sense of Wonder Press website for ordering information. The book can also be ordered from Amazon.

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