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The Short Fiction of Amelia Reynolds Long

A Chronological Checklist

From the years 1928 to 1951, Amelia Reynolds Long's stories appeared in the pages of various pulp magazines. I have listed below every one of Long's stories, in the order that they were first published. Further details have been provided concerning those stories that were reprinted subsequent to their original publication. It is my hope that the information presented here is useful to anyone wanting to locate Long's short stories.

  • "The Twin Soul"
    Weird Tales, March 1928
  • "The Thought Monster"
    Weird Tales, March 1930
    Etchings and Odysseys, No. 10, ed. Eric A. Carlson, John J. Koblas & Randy Alain Everts, The Strange Company, 1987
    Science Fiction Classics: The Stories that Morphed into Movies, ed. Forest J. Ackerman, TV Books, 1999
    Dr. Acula's Thrilling Tales of the Uncanny, ed. Forrest J. Ackerman & Lynne Rock, Sense of Wonder Press, 2004
    Fighters of Fear: Occult Detective Stories, ed. Mike Ashley, Talos Press, 2020
  • "The Magic Maker"
    Weird Tales, June 1930
  • "The Mystery of the Phantom Shot"
    Amazing Detective Tales, July 1930
  • "The Mechanical Man"
    The Thought Stealer and The Mechanical Man, ed. Hugo Gernsback, Stellar Publishing Corporation, 1930 (Long's story appeared in this booklet alongside "The Thought Stealer" by Frank Bourne)
  • "The Undead"
    Weird Tales, August 1931
    Etchings and Odysseys, No. 10, ed. Eric A. Carlson, John J. Koblas & Randy Alain Everts, The Strange Company, 1987
  • "Omega"
    Amazing Stories, July 1932
    Avon Fantasy Reader No. 10, ed. Donald A. Wollheim, Avon Novels Inc, 1949
    The End of the World, ed. Donald A. Wollheim, Ace, 1956
    Gosh! Wow! (Sense of Wonder) Science Fiction, ed. Forrest J. Ackerman, Bantam, 1982
    Amazing Science Fiction Stories: The Wonder Years 1926-1935, ed. Martin H. Greenberg, TSR, 1987
  • "Scandal in the Fourth Dimension" (as by A. R. Long)
    Astounding Stories, February 1934
  • "Masters of Matter"
    Marvel Tales, March-April 1935
  • "Flapping Wings of Death"
    Weird Tales, June 1935
  • "A Leak in the Fountain of Youth" (as by A. R. Long)
    Astounding Stories, August 1936
    SCI-FI Womanthology, ed. Forrest J. Ackerman & Pamela Keesey, Sense of Wonder Press, 2003
  • "The Album"
    Weird Tales, December 1936
  • "Cosmic Fever" (as by A. R. Long)
    Astounding Stories, February 1937
  • "Reverse Phylogeny" (as by A. R. Long)
    Astounding Stories, June 1937
    Science Fiction Adventures in Dimension, ed. Groff Conklin, Vanguard, 1953
    Adventures in Dimension, ed. Groff Conklin, Grayson, 1955
  • "The Mind Master"
    Astounding Stories, December 1937
  • "The Dimension Drug" (a two-part serial)
    Spaceways, #1 and #2, edited and published by Harry Warner, 1938
  • "Death By Fire"
    Science Fiction, March 1939
  • "The Box from the Stars"
    Strange Stories, April 1939
    Fantasy Book, Vol.2 #3, August 1983, ed. Dennis Mallonee & Nick Smith, Fantasy Book Enterprises, 1983
  • "Bride of the Antarctic" (as by Mordred Weir)
    Strange Stories, June 1939
    Yours, Amelia, edited and published by Chet Williamson, 1978 (this special issue of Williamson's Crumbling Relicks fanzine was wholly dedicated to Amelia Reynolds Long)
  • "When the Half Gods Go-" (as by Amelia R. Long)
    Astounding Science Fiction, July 1939
  • "Justice in Time"
    Stardust, Vol.1, #2, May 1940
  • "Castaways in Space"
    Science Fiction, June 1940
  • "The Man Who Vanished"
    The Phantom Detective, Summer 1950
  • "Spirit Voice"
    Five Detective Novels Magazine, Fall 1950
  • "The Man They Couldn't Kill"
    The Phantom Detective, Fall 1950
  • "Handmade Alibi"
    The Phantom Detective, Spring 1951
  • "Reverse Alibi"
    Smashing Detective Stories, June 1951
  • "Dames Ain't Neat"
    Famous Detective Stories, August 1951
  • "The Mountain Comes to Mohammed"
    Smashing Detective Stories, September 1951
  • "Fatal Footsteps"
    Famous Detective Stories, November 1951
  • "Hot Money"
    G-Men Detective, Winter 1951
  • "Death Looks Down" (an abridged version of Long's novel bearing the same title)
    Triple Detective, Winter 1951
  • "The Case of the Frightened Child" (as by Patrick Laing)
    Famous Detective Stories, February 1952
  • "Breathe Deep of Death" (as by Patrick Laing)
    Smashing Detective Stories, September 1952

Sources and Acknowledgements

  • Donald B. Day's Index to the Science Fiction Magazines, 1926-1950, ed. D. B. Day, 1951
  • Crime, Mystery, & Gangster Fiction Magazine Index, 1915-2010, by Phil Stephensen-Payne, William G. Contento & Stephen Miller
  • The Woodside Literature Collection
  • Many thanks to Chet Williamson for his invaluable help and information.
  • Thanks also to Hiroyuki Hamano.


  1. Amelia Reynolds Long was involved in science fiction fandom around the time she was writing short stories for the pulps. Two of her letters to science fiction editors appeared in Astonishing Stories (October 1940) and Startling Stories (March 1939). Long also wrote to the readers' letters department ("The Eyrie") of Weird Tales magazine; one of her letters appeared in the November 1931 issue.
  2. Long's original title for the short story "Omega" was in fact "The Last Man." Long wrote this story when she was a student at the University of Pennsylvania.


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